About Jenny Anderson

Passionate about helping people accomplish their personal and professional goals, Jenny Anderson founded Professionalize It. Professionalize It offers training design and development services using adult learning methodologies. In addition, Professionalize It can work with your forms, documents, and data to optimize your business. Want to take the mystery out of social media marketing? Professionalize It can help.

Software Documentation – Help your clients find the answers they need.

Software Documentation Do your clients need to find answers to your products and want to find them on their own - when they need to, not when your customer support center is open?  Software documentation online help is a great option to provide to them.  In this example, the client wanted to ensure their [...]

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What’s Simple for you…

eLearning design doesn't need to be difficult. You shouldn't have to fight with documents to get what you want. Your professional image should be seamless and straightforward. What's simple for you could be (literally) rocket science for me.    Businesses are born from dreams, necessity, or just a desire to rule the universe. People come up [...]

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