Virtual Instructor-Led Training Solutions

No one wants to sit through a painful virtual training session. For that matter, no one intends to facilitate a painful virtual training session. Do you have content that needs to be trained by an instructor through a virtual training environment?  Let Professionalize It help you develop training courses that are interactive and engaging – and more importantly – enable your learners to perform the tasks that require the training.

Delivering training should not be frustrating.

Don’t frustrate and bore your audience. Create engaging and interesting training experiences.

With reduced budgets, but still a need to train employees and customers, it is important to optimize the learning experience. First, to enable employees and customers to use the solutions and maximize effectiveness. Second, to ensure the money you’re investing in training sticks.

eLearning is Not Always the Solution

There may be times you want to engage with the audience and facilitate discussion, and eLearning does not provide the right solution. Using instructor-led virtual training, it’s possible to engage with your audience, while still providing the learning remotely. Make sure to maximize the experience through the tools and techniques provided by Professionalize It. Virtual learning doesn’t need to be a PowerPoint presentation with one-way dialog. Enhance the virtual training experience with the optimal engaging options.

Delivery Platforms

There isn’t one right delivery platform to use to optimize the learning experience. Whether you’re using WebEx, Adobe Connect, Zoom, or another solution, we can find activities and exercises to add to your training to develop an engaging and interactive experience. Don’t have a platform you’re using today? Professionalize It can help you find the right solution to deliver an engaging experience.

Implementing adult learning methodologies, Professionalize It will consult with you on the training content and the best delivery method(s) for your audience.