Documentation Development and Design

When was the last time you bought a car, and it didn’t come with an instruction manual? Can you imagine putting together a barbecue without instructions? What about your new TV, refrigerator, or even Bluetooth headsets? All of these items come with some technical documentation, a quick start guide, user guide, CD, or something similar.documentation-computer

Without these guides, you would be dependent on trial and error to learn how to use your product or, if you’re lucky, have a friend who can help explain it.

A growing trend is more companies develop products (web services or tangible items) and do not provide documentation on how to use the product.  Not having proper documentation a huge challenge, the company’s support calls go through the roof, and the product will be underutilized, or worse destroyed because of human error. Once you’ve completed training employees or customers, either through eLearning or virtual or instructor-led training, what tools and resources do they have to find answers to their questions?

Professionalize It can work with you to document your product to eliminate these frustrations. We can create one source document with all of your content and export it to various output methods, reducing time and effort to update your content.

Do you need to enable your documentation to be available printed, on the web, or mobile formats?  All possible.  Is it better heard than in print? Small videos can be placed on a channel for your clients or employees to access this information.