These eLearning work samples reflect just a sampling of the eLearning course development completed for previous clients. Your design will be custom built based on your company’s needs and design requirements. Click here to view the eLearning work samples.


Engaging interactions can slow down the learning and have them stop and learn the content. The interactions section of the eLearning work samples will show:

  • A simple interaction to click a relevant picture and show text.
  • A themed interaction, the learner needs to click on the documents to learn about the classification for each document.
  • This interaction tells a story, setting the stage for the topic for the learner.
  • This course introduces the learner to a spreadsheeting system. The learner needed to understand basic navigation, as well as policy for use. This interaction shows a little of both.
  • This interaction blends a video as well as a small knowledge check for understanding. Note:  This sample contains audio.  Adjust your speakers accordingly.
  • This interaction describes the key areas on a new screen for the learners.


A quiz can be more than just a simple assessment. Using branching and feedback you can make it real learning. The quizzes section of the eLearning work samples will show:

  1. This drag and drop question changes the item dragged to an arrow when dropping.
  2. On this assessment the learner interacts with the real job aid they will use.  If they answer the question incorrectly, they are given a remedial question before moving forward.
  3. On this simple quiz, the learner selects the order of the questions by clicking on a puzzle piece to reveal the question.
  4. For this quiz, the learner must navigate in the system to answer the question. If they forgot the steps, a help button is provided.
  5. On this quiz, the learner is presented with real-life scenarios and needed to decide the correct answer. If they answered incorrectly, they are given a chance to check the page in the content that contained this topic (the review content is not provided in this demonstration).
  6. This drag and drop activity has the learner find the classification of the documents on the desk.


More than just interactions – what are some options in terms of theme? The themes section of the eLearning work samples will show:

  1. This compliance certification used the client’s colors and interactions were simple.
  2. The client wanted a comic book theme for some of their courses to make the topic of information security more interesting.
  3. The client wanted enhanced comic options for a second course.
  4. The client had nine topics were not sequential for learning.  Note: rule nine will move forward for more pages.
  5. This very simple theme gave the learner options to select separate paths for the course.