eLearning Development and Design

How much turnover does your company have?  Do you find yourself training the same content over and over?  Frustrated with the one employee who asks the same question every two days? What about regulatory requirements?  How do you protect yourself when a disgruntled employee says you didn’t provide the tools or resources to enable him/her to do the job?

With rapid learning development tools and open-source learning management system tools, you can enable your employees to obtain the training they need at a relatively small cost.  It takes our combined expertise to make it happen.

Training Assessment

Using adult learning methodologies for development, Professionalize It will assess your training needs and assist you with a development plan to accomplish your learning objectives. Ensuring the measurable goals are achieved are critical. Developing eLearning modules for the sake of development can be a huge waste of time, resources, and money.

Development Only

Already have a storyboard for development? We can bring it to life using primarily Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate.

Development can include voice over, graphics, interactive videos,  technical simulations, and more.  Have a mobile need? Development can be optimized to put the learning in the hands of the learner on the go.  We can publish your course with SCORM files for integration to your learning management system or web files for your website or intranet.

LMS Assistance

Need assistance with eLearning management best practices? We can assist you with the rollout of your training programs.

Work Samples

Below are some samples of the work done.  Contact us today to begin bringing your learning needs to life.

Work samples completed by Jenny Anderson.