Blend Tools and Resources

Blend tools and resources into your eLearning courses to enable employees and clients to apply the tools and demonstrate their knowledge in the course. Employees and clients want the information they need when they want it – how they want it. eLearning can be the conduit to tie external resources together and reinforce key concepts. In this simple example, learners are taken through the task of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The course doesn’t actually teach how to make one, but links to both a written job aid and a video. The course focuses on the learner demonstrating the practical application of their knowledge of building the sandwich.

Unsure how you can use tools and resources in your course? Do you need assistance creating the tools and resources? Professionalize It specializes in all types of learning modalities, assessing which ones are ideal for your training needs is our first step in creating a dynamic learning experience.

To view a sample of the course click the image below to preview the course:

eLearning Sample: Blended Learning