eLearning Phishing Quiz

Why would you need or want an eLearning phishing quiz?

Consider this common scenario: What do you do when you have a large number of your employee population click incorrectly on a phishing simulation?  First, ensure they’re trained properly on how to spot a phish. If they do it again? Well, maybe there is a performance issue, or they need more simulation training.

This eLearning course is a quiz for employees to assess if the email was a potential Phish or a legitimate email. It is designed to be quick and engaging for people to identify the right behaviors to use before clicking on links in an email. With a modular design, scenarios can be easily swapped out and updated to ensure the eLearning phishing quiz is always demonstrating real-life examples an employee might face.

To view a sample of the course click the image below to preview the course:

eLearning Sample: Phishing Quiz

A note about the graphics:  the rendering of the email graphics are not clear in this draft. We will work together to customize the graphics and ensure they are up to the quality standards of your organization.