Information Security eLearning: A dry topic comes to life

My client was faced with a challenge many compliance and information security groups are faced with. How do you make a typically dry topic interesting? In this example, we applied a comic theme with interactivity to get the learner to think about physical security and their role in safeguarding the company from threats. For any compliance or “dry” topic, it is critical to use examples and application to present the real reason why you’re delivering the training. What risk is it to the learner, the organization, or a greater community if the learner does not follow the guidance presented in the course.

It is one thing to have a learner walk away with the facts, but it’s a beautiful thing when they walk away from the eLearning with a changed-mindset to apply the principles taught in the course. Compliance, information security, regulations – all of these topics do not need to be boring.

We will work together to assess the learning goals and objectives for your tough or dry content areas. Next, we will discuss the ways a learner should apply the training. A comic theme may not fit with the aesthetic of your learning program, but these design principle can apply to any theme.

To view a sample of the course click the image below to preview the course:

eLearning Sample: Physical Security